2018 NSF Canadian Food Safety Leadership Award

2018 NSF Canadian Food Safety Leadership Award


This award is presented to an individual who drives food safety excellence within a company or within the industry in general, and inspires others through their passion and actions.

Eligible candidates may be nominated by someone within their organization, by and external person or organization, or be self-nominated. Individuals from industry, government and academia are all eligible.

Download a copy of the application criteria for the 2018 NSF Canadian Food Safety Leadership Award.

How to Apply

Responses will be accepted May 1 to June 30, 2018 through the online application portal.

Applicants are required to provide a response to the three sections below. In addition to the written summary, applicants are encouraged to upload supporting documents as evidence to support their response.

  1. Explain and provide examples of how the candidate promotes/promoted excellence in food safety in their organization or the food and beverage industry. Max 500 words.
  2. Explain how the nominee commits/committed themselves to on-going professional development in the area of food safety and leadership. Max 500 words.
  3. Explain how the nominee has mentored and coached others in support of their journey to improve and promote food safety. Max 500 words.

Items to Consider in Your Application

  • Examples of engaging, motivating, developing and establishing the values required in order to promote excellence in food safety behaviour and performance
  • Evidence of having provided the necessary food safety resources and support for the organization/industry
  • Evidence demonstrating history of decision making where food safety commitment played a major role in the outcome. This could include evidence of the formal use of risk analysis tools.
  • Evidence of initiatives or new policies put in place to ensure continued food safety outcomes
  • Evidence (through the organization chart and/or company documentation) of an effective and unbiased organizational structure and culture
  • Evidence including examples of training materials, posters, cultural or employee assessments or surveys, letters or written feedback from personnel at all levels of the facility/organization
  • Evidence demonstrating how the nominee engages the government, regulators and industry to promote and improve food safety. This includes participation on committees, task forces, associations, industry groups, etc.
  • Evidence of active support for food safety education in the industry
  • Specific evidence of active support for food safety research and innovation including in-kind support, grants, provision of materials / facility, etc.
  • Evidence demonstrating professional development activities such as continuing education, training, conferences and other professional development activities

Contact Us

Contact us with any questions regarding the 2018 NSF Canadian Food Safety Awards at awards@nsf.org.