Agriculture: Animal

NSF provides a full suite of animal welfare services for growers, transportation and animal processing companies to help ensure the health and wellness of farm animals at every stage of life as well as compliance to animal welfare guidelines and retailer requirements. The industries we service include beef, poultry, swine, dairy, sheep, layer (eggs) and bison.

As consumers become more educated on the products they buy and food they eat, they are demanding more transparency on how animals are treated and retailers in turn are requiring suppliers to comply with stricter animal welfare guidelines.

We deliver the following audits:

  • Animal Welfare and Care: Protect your reputation by undergoing third-party audits to National Animal Welfare Standards by PAACO certified auditors.
  • On–Farm Food Safety: We provide Good Production Practices (GPP) and HACCP certification for the animal production sector as well as third-party independent verification audits for the Producer National Association of OFFS and Animal Care Program.
  • Label Claim Audits: Differentiate your product through third-party audits for on-farm methods of production claims such as raised without antibiotics (RWA).

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