COVID-19 Readiness Consultation

To help your company understand and address issues surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, we are providing services in risk mitigation, crisis management and response, and food defense training.

One-Hour COVID-19 Readiness Assessment Phone Consultation

Our resident microbiology expert, Dr. Ruby Lee, will conduct a one-hour phone consultation on COVID-19 risks, answer your questions, help your company manage the COVID-19 risks and help you reassure your customers. Dr. Lee will walk you through the latest understanding of transmission risks related to personnel, visitors, raw materials, sanitation control and business continuity.

Mock COVID-19 Readiness Exercise

This exercise is custom built for your operation and circumstances and designed to test your ability to respond to a variety of different scenarios. The exercise will identify gaps in your program and give you the insight to make critical improvements where needed. This exercise is delivered by Rod Wheeler, CEO of the Food Defense Institute.

Contingency Supplier Approval Services

Our team of supplier management PCQI experts will respond quickly to conduct the necessary supplier approval work on your behalf. NSF will ensure your approved contingency supply chain process meets your food safety expectations delivering consistent and safer ingredients, raw material or packaging material to you.

Consultant Bios:

Dr. Ruby Lee

Dr. Ruby Lee has served as Senior Microbiologist & Senior Food Safety Specialist at NSF International since 2011. She completed an MSc in microbiology and a Ph.D. in food science and technology and was a postdoctoral scientist in animal science at Iowa State University. Dr. Lee is a much sought-after speaker and an authority on various food safety topics.

Rod Wheeler

Rod Wheeler, MA, Public Administration from American University in Washington DC, is the founder and CEO of The Global Food Defense Institute. Rod is a seasoned homeland security, law enforcement and Food Defense expert. The Global Food Defense Institute provides educational training and certification programs for the food, agriculture and chemical industries to ensure confidence and protection and to guard against Intentional contamination and sabotage. He is a former “all-star” homicide detective with the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington DC as well as an investigator for the state of Ohio Attorney General. Rod has made over 1000 television appearances as a law-enforcement and security expert and has served as a crime analyst for many national news organizations such as the Fox News Channel, ABC’s Good Morning America, 48 hours (CBS), as well as several other national news shows. In addition to his master’s degree, Rod holds a BA in Criminology from the Ohio State University, and a subject matter certification from the Brookings Institute in Washington DC in Workplace Violence and Terrorism. 

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