Food Safety Program Development

Food Safety Program Development

Need to meet a new customer requirement for food safety? Achieve certification to a GFSI standard? Update your program to new regulatory requirements? NSF works with clients across all sectors of the industry to meet their food safety program goals.

Explore the areas below to see how we can help or contact us now to get started on a solution to your food safety and quality needs.

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Food Safety Program Consulting

We can help take your Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) or Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) program to the next level. Our GAP assessments identify areas of focus. We can also ensure best allergen control practices are followed to support label claims.

FSMA & SFCA Consulting

Through compliance gap assessments, our experts can ensure your products and processes are meeting Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Safe Food for Canadians Act (SFCA) requirements. We can assist with compliance program development by helping modify your processes and programs to ensure compliance.

Food Fraud Consulting

Food fraud – the deliberate adulteration, substitution, tampering or misrepresentation of food – has increased as a result of our complex global food supply chain and costs the food industry an estimated $49 billion worldwide each year. In recent years, high–profile and international fraud scandals have harmed and even killed many innocent people.

Consumer confidence is of critical importance to the safety of the food supply chain. We perform food defense audits to ensure that processors are efficiently managing several critical areas including documentation, traceability, crisis management, staff training and building security.

Food defense plans are increasingly required for food safety certification and vendor qualification, as well as by the Food Safety Modernization Act. FSMA requires facilities to identify and evaluate food hazards, including those introduced intentionally, and implement and document preventive controls to provide assurance that food is not adulterated.

Audit Readiness

We provide two types of audit readiness assessments:

  • Pre-audit gap assessments, which are a consultative readiness review
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) assessments for all schemes at all levels

We can also assist you with major retailer addendums through our experience in preparing for all retailer expectations.

Import/Export Advice

Our compliance consulting helps you to ensure your products meet import/export regulations. Our import/export specialists can assist with the paperwork when filing documentation. We can provide regulatory assistance, supporting you in discussions with the regulators.

Food Plant Design

Our sanitary design and layout assistance ensures:

  • The plan is correct from the design phase.
  • The design will meet regulatory standards.

We can provide construction oversight support from design to build.

Food Safety Program for Allied Trades

We provide management and employee training on basic food safety theory and safe food handling practices. Our allied trade compliance program helps you demonstrate to food processors that staff can comply with food safety expectations. We also offer program certification through a third-party audit to verify compliance to food safety standards.

Client Testimonials 

Peak Drive Beverages

"Having worked with NSF International on a broad array of projects I couldn't recommend the company more highly. They have fast become my most trusted and mission-critical R&D partner. It's a pleasure to interact with team members who all deliver excellent results in a highly collaborative manner."
- John McEachern, Founder & CEO, Peak Drive Beverages

Tata Global Beverages

We were extremely happy with the service provided by NSF and especially by Karen McEachern. We were working on a very challenging and time-sensitive project which would not have been possible to complete on time without NSF’s help. Karen is a knowledge expert, very experienced, very approachable, and showed great flexibility and customer focus.
- Jeny Hitchen, Project Manager

Beaudry & Cadrin

I wanted to thank you for your support and advice which lead to the success of our recent audit. Your explanations and advice helped us effectively and rapidly implement the program and kept us on the right track. There were a few outstanding issues to be resolved and these were pointed out to us during the readiness assessment, which allowed us to be 100% ready on the day of the audit. We will continue to work on maintaining these standards. We are proud of our achievement.
- Jonathan Disnard, Beaudry & Cadrin, Montreal

Quality Natural Foods Limited

Our work with Mr. Irwin Pronk, NSF consultant, helped us achieve the FSSC 22000 standard in our first attempt and in a timely manner accomplishing our certification goal within 12 months. What we appreciated about Irwin was his ability to make a challenging process look easy. He built confidence in our team and the ability critically analyze each aspect of the FSSC 22000 program.
Mahendra Mendon Manager, Quality Assurance

Lakeview Vegetable Processing Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ruby Lee on numerous occasions. Most recently to prepare for our initial SQF Level 2 desk and onsite audit. Dr. Ruby Lee is very detailed and thorough and ensures that you understand standards and expectations in order to be successful. Thanks to Dr. Ruby Lee’s knowledge, I was able to take her recommendations and knowledge to revise and rework our current food safety program and successfully prepare for both SQF Level 2 desk audit and onsite audit. I would highly recommend her to any company in preparing to meet new standards or writing any food safety program.

Brewers Association of Canada (BAC)

... NSF worked in a diligent and professional manner as it lead our efforts to successfully develop the BAC HACCP / Food Safety Tool Kit. The development process involved a series of activities including training, piloting and the tool kit development itself. Throughout the process, NSF proved itself to be extremely technically knowledgeable and very well organized. NSF communicated clearly and concisely with both BAC and the members of our technical committee. The final HACCP Food Safety Tool Kit is a culmination of NSF's efforts and the efforts of several BAC members; it is a well made product that will serve the food safety needs of Canadian breweries.

Chantler Packaging

NSF gave Chantler a great deal of help in achieving Chantler's food safety goals. NSF's consultant provided advice, coaching and leadership to help us achieve our registration to ISO 22000 / PAS 223. I think the most impressive thing about the consultant was his ability to encourage our staff to take ownership of the project and develop their skills in leadership and project management. It turned the registration process from an exercise in paperwork designed to achieve a certification, to a process that built our staff's skills and capacities. Our food safety registration is an achievement that Chantler is very proud of, and we greatly appreciate NSF's role in the process.

Dominion Citrus

... NSF has proven the knowledge and skills of its team in every aspect of HACCP through consulting on required programs, implementing through customized training of our warehouse staff and evaluating our manufacturing practices as well as our facility. With NSF’s consulting services we feel comfortable we will achieve and maintain our HACCP accreditation successfully.

Eating New Creations Inc.

... NSF's services assisted us in making the plant HACCP ready and being capable of passing a third-party audit by our customers. Our firm has always had a strong commitment to food safety so we anticipated a smooth process. Most times when you bring in consultants you are left at the end of the project trying to assess if you received value for the money. This was not the case with NSF. This process not only allowed us to pass our third-party audit but we believe it made us a better company. By systemizing the processes we now have much better controls on our production allowing us to function more efficiently. We have nothing but the highest of regard for NSF. They have assisted us in continuing our firm’s commitment to delivering the best to our customers.

F.G. Lister

... Acknowledge the outstanding service provided by NSF ... with the HACCP program in place, we have met our customer requirements as well as expanded our business.

GH Manufacturing Inc.

... Throughout our work with NSF, we have received timely and detailed answers to our questions ... We are very appreciative of the assistance and support provided by NSF and feel that our quality systems have been enhanced by implementing the HACCP program for our facility.

Horton Spice Mills Ltd.

... As HACCP Co-ordinator, I am very grateful for the help, guidance and patience from NSF... NSF's understanding and innovative strategies are helping us to achieve our HACCP Accreditation.

Sweet & Sticky Inc.

"I have been a client of NSF-GFTC's for many years now since the inception of our product called Ice Syrup. The team at NSF-GFTC could not have been more helpful when it came to Ice Syrup, from its early stages of development to commercialization. We could not have asked for a better team to take us through this lengthy process.

The professionalism and creativity expressed by the group have contributed to making Ice Syrup a product that has now received recognition not only in Canada but many other parts of the world. This would not have happened without the guidance and ingenuity of the team at NSF-GFTC. A special thanks to Karen McEachern, her ongoing efforts and patience worked us through many obstacles that were necessary in making this a safe food and market ready product.

I truly believe that without the help of NSF-GFTC Ice Syrup would have never made it to the market and what some have thought was an easy task to produce this product would have been wrong. The knowledge gained through working with the staff at NSF-GFTC is irreplaceable and the staff that worked on this long term project to create Ice Syrup had input that was invaluable. We will be forever in their debt and they will always share in our success."
- Steve Murdza, President, Sweet & Sticky Inc.

Empower T

"Karen McEachern was an excellent resource who assisted me in the formulation of my beverage and scale-up. Karen was always available for support and advice to move production forward. Her professionalism and timely information helped me finalize decisions on my production to save time and money. Karen was always available by phone or e-mail to problem solve and I felt she had my best interests in getting Empower T to market. Her experience and expertise allowed me to feel more comfortable with my co-packers and technical requests. The experience was a very positive two thumbs up."
- Carol Mark, CEO & Founder, Empower T