Reopening After COVID-19

Reopening After COVID-19

For over 75 years, NSF International has facilitated standards development and, separately, provided independent testing and product certification for the water, food and health sciences industries. Over the past few weeks, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, museums and airlines from across the globe have asked us for advice and assistance with their plans to reopen in the face of COVID-19. The reason? NSF is the global leader in protecting and improving human health. We quickly responded by developing an assurance program in response to this need and the trust so many organizations have placed in us as they plan to reopen their businesses during a global pandemic.

How Did We Respond?

NSF gathered our staff of microbiologists, scientists, Ph.D.s, medical doctors, and former WHO technical officers and FDA regulators to evaluate the needs of different industries and regions worldwide. Their efforts created a comprehensive program of science-based guidance and a variety of easy-to-use tools that any industry can use to reopen and stay open during this pandemic.


NSF's three-step reopen and stay open assurance plan helps companies communicate their commitment to best-practice guidance on COVID-19 protection for their employees and customers.

Plan Assurance

NSF will review your current reopening plan and program for adherence to government and industry guidelines or help you create your program from scratch.

Reopen and Readiness Assurance

When you open your doors on day one, you can provide customers and employees with additional confidence that a trusted third party has verified that your reopen plan has been fully implemented.

Stay Open Assurance

To maintain ongoing confidence in your company's commitment to public safety, NSF will help you launch and monitor a self-auditing program to verify your adherence to staff and customer protection protocols.

Why Work with NSF?

In 1944, Walter Snyder, Henry Vaughan and Nathan Sinai founded the National Sanitation Foundation in the University of Michigan School of Public Health in response to a need for sanitation standards for soda fountains and luncheonette equipment. So when you are looking for solutions to reopen and protect your employees and customers, turn to the world leader in public health and safety – NSF International.