Food & Label Compliance

Food & Label Compliance

Food regulations are undergoing considerable change in both the U.S. and Canada, and we are here to ensure you are compliant in both markets. NSF International has experienced staff who can help guide you through the maze of Canadian and U.S. food regulations, and our clear and concise regulatory review process ensures your new or existing labels meet regulatory requirements.

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Canadian Food Label Consulting

Canadian food regulations are undergoing widespread changes, including changes to the Nutrition Facts table and other labelling requirements. Whether you are creating a new food product and want to ensure the label meets Canadian regulations, or importing or exporting product into Canada and require changes to the existing label to expand your business compliantly, we are here to help. In addition to generating label-ready Canadian Nutrition Facts tables for your product based on 100g nutrition data, database calculation of your recipe, or external laboratory analysis of a sample, we also offer regulatory consulting services for all other labelling requirements from Health Canada such as ingredient lists, common name, allergen statements, nutrient and health claims, net quantity, and bilingual requirements.

U.S. Food Label Consulting

In 2016, the Food and Drug Administration announced major changes to food and dietary supplement labeling for the first time in over 20 years. The changes to the nutrition labeling regulations were significant, and every U.S. packaged product needed to be updated. The date for compliance was January 1, 2020, with an extra year for companies with less than $10 million in sales to comply.

NSF has experienced staff who can help you acquire the necessary information from your suppliers and design a new Nutrition Facts label that conforms to the new regulations. We can also conduct a full label review of all other aspects of your label, and provide advice on claims to ensure your products are both compliant and competitive.

Nutrition Facts Generation

NSF can create a label-ready Nutrition Facts panel for your product based on your 100g nutrition data, database calculation of your recipe, or external laboratory analysis of a sample.

Menu Nutrition Services

Growing concern around food allergens and intolerances paired with increased nutritional awareness has generated the need for more information sharing. Restaurant patrons are looking for clear ingredient declarations and nutritional profiles that are similar to those found on packaged goods.

New regulations in both the U.S. and Ontario requires restaurants and other food service establishments meeting certain criteria to provide their consumers with more nutritional information about the foods they eat outside of the home. NSF has the expertise to transform your menu into a concise, easy–to-read document that includes all the necessary information for consumers to make informed dining decisions and that complies with the regulations applying to your establishment. We generate nutrient values and allergen information based on recipes, serving size, preparation considerations and ingredient supplier specifications sheets.