Shelf-Life Testing

Shelf-Life Testing


Food shelf-life testing from NSF International helps to ensure that food manufacturers and processors meet consumer expectations for consistent quality standards while maintaining the declared nutritional values of their food and beverage products.

Ensure your food and beverage products withstand the test of time with shelf-life testing from NSF International

NSF offers both real-time and accelerated studies to verify food quality, nutritional value, microbial, chemical and physical integrity. We can determine the shelf life of a new product, conduct ongoing shelf-life testing to comply with food safety and quality standards and confirm the effects of shelf-life extension strategies.

We offer:

  • Sensory evaluation to identify changes in food odour, appearance, flavour and texture over time
  • Microbiological sampling and testing to evaluate food safety and quality
  • Chemical tests to detect changes throughout the shelf-life study
  • Physical tests including controlled product abuse and travel tests to identify structural issues and temperature fluctuations during transport

Each shelf-life study is tailored for your specific product and project requirements.

Shelf-Life Determination

We offer controlled environments, conduct suitable analyses and perform auxiliary testing to define shelf life.

NSF Shelf-Life Testing Services

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