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Developed with the same focus on quality, technical content and best practices in adult learning, our diverse portfolio of programs and delivery options allow you to gain new skills and expand current competencies through interactive, stimulating and relevant skills training. All of our current eLearning programs have been developed, and are available, in English only.

NSF Training & Education Services designs open enrolment eLearning and webinars in the same manner in which we develop all open enrolment courses, providing our clients with:

  • Access to industry and subject matter experts
  • Relevant, interactive and applied learning
  • Comprehensive course materials

Open enrolment eLearning courses are available remotely through instructor-led webinars or as self-directed learning modules through NSF Learn Online, our online learning platform.

Please note that NSF eLearning courses are accessed through our U.S. training portal. See all of our eLearning courses and webinars.

NSF Training & Education Services is proud to offer our clients the option of customized and branded eLearning tailored to meet your unique needs.  We help you by developing a training program that best suits your business needs and compliance criteria.

Training can be:

  • Self-directed
  • Delivered to multiple groups simultaneously
  • Offered through a blend of online and instructor-led programming.

Our online, self-directed, programming allows your team to benefit from NSF Training & Education Services’ engaging, interactive and technical programming while allowing learners to progress at their own pace. A customized Learner Management System (LMS) monitors learning progress.

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Are you looking for a full-service eLearning solution for your organization? We will work with you to develop a full suite of relevant and interactive eLearning programs to meet your specific needs. Our customized solution will provide you with:

  • A branded eLearning platform for all staff to access and complete courses
  • A Learner Management System tracking the progress of each learner
  • Courses that are specific to the needs of your people and processes
  • Unlimited course capacity and options on your branded eLearning platform

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